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“You answered the phone and got me in immediately, no waiting room, no hassle, just like when I played, damn I miss you”

10 year NHL Veteran

Former NHL player of 20 years

“I was really scared until I called you…my daughter got in to see the best doc in LA, Thank you Pat”

“You treated my son’s ACL like you treated me for all those years, for this I’m forever grateful”

Former NHL player of 16 years

“Thank you for getting my mom in to see the cardiologist, she’s much better now thanks to you. She’s scheduled for heart catheterization”

Former NHL player of 19 years

“Times like these is when I missed being a player….you gave me the sense of belonging again”

Former NHL player of 12 years

“ProAdvocates has been needed for many years. I no longer have to worry about my medical care”

Former NHL player of 16 years

“After the initial scare in the Emergency Room you put me in touch with the top surgeon in NY. They took care of my daughter better than I could have ever imagined, Thank you Pat”

Former NHL player of 15 years and Cup winner

“I can’t believe how easy this was…I feel like I’m still in the training room, you called the doc. I got in & out within 30 minutes”

Former NHL player of 7 years

“My hip was killing me, you made a call, got me in to see the doc, they checked with my insurance and scheduled me for surgery”

Former NHL player of 3 years

“Where has ProAdvocates been? I’d pay $20,000 a year for this”

Former NFL player of 18 years

“You saved my son from having an unnecessary shoulder surgery”

Soccer Mom of 21 years

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