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ProAdvocates offers in-depth services that caters to a wide range of  medical needs. Contact us to get the most out of our services.

Behavioral Health

  • Provide and discuss treatment options

  • Locate state-of-the-art facilities and routes of access

  • Follow-up to monitor treatment including residential

Interview & Strategize

  • Identify past issues, current and future needs

  • Clarify health goals

  • Pair you with an experienced Athletic Trainer

  • Optimize use of current providers and care

Medical Records

  • Collect and maintain medical records including the last exit physical

  • Digitize paper copies

  • Upload to secure electronic health record

  • Maximize use of your electronic health record

Expert Medical Identification

  • Research latest medical research to provide options

  • Locate experts and routes of access

  • Make and attend appointment, if requested

  • Provide medical expert with records electronically

Medical Options

  • Provide medical literature and assessment of options

  • Seek out clinical trials when available

  • Evaluate non-US medical care

  • Chronic pain reduction from years of athletics

  • Medical appointments with key leaders in sports medicine throughout the world


  • Teach player and family members in health record management

  • Educate player and family members in optimal health care use

  • Plan for future medical needs given your health and occupational history

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