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A trusted medical referral network for the retired professional, olympic, and competitive athlete seeking medical guidance and support


Introducing private and personalized care

ProAdvocates understands the world of athletics and medicine. 

We work with you, the former athlete, to provide a trusted medical referral network using highly skilled Athletic Trainers. After your playing days are over your medical needs change. The focus becomes more on living a healthy lifestyle and less on getting back in the game. During this time unusual changes can occur, that when left unchecked, can lead to a downward spiral. ProAdvocates is all about helping you and your family during a time of medical neccesity. 


Welcome home, athletes
ProAdvocates is the collaboration of Athletic Trainers and Medical Providers helping you get back on your feet.

For all your needs

No matter what the medical need is, ProAdvocates is there to help you connect with the best medical professionals.

Medical record management

One platform from start to finish and flexible enough to be at the center of your medical needs.

Locations throughout North America

With medical professionals in all 50 states and

 Canada, ProAdvocates is there for you.


An Athletic Trainer can be available to attend medical

appointments and explain the process to recovery.

Who uses ProAdvocates

The retired professional athlete from every major sports league

Former athletes from the Olympic or Paralympic games

Former college or recreational athletes

App Coming Soon

Easily and quickly get in touch with your pre-selected  medical professional.

Recent Podcast

Reflecting past successes with the Colorado Avalanche and the need for current care for retired athletes.

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